Sapid Shichimi

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A unique twist to the time-honoured brittle recipe. Layering the citrus spiciness of shichimi atop the classic sweetness of gula kelapa, this brittle delivers an ambrosial concoction of flavours in every bite.

It began as brittle but ended as Hogula

our story

Artisan Asian-inspired brittle made with the finest palm sugar and with high quality nuts roasted to perfection. Pure and unprocessed, each bite brims with a rich, complex caramel flavour. Hogula is your healthier alternative to other treats, handcrafted without additives or preservatives.

pronounced "ho-goo-la"

our gula


Gula is the natural sweet palm extract from the flower bud of a coconut tree. Proclaimed by experts as the healthy replacement of sugar, the gula's unrefined properties are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants necessary for the formation of healthy cells. The gula's Low Glycemic Index (GI) is another reason to enjoy its sweetness. Our quality gula is sourced from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.